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Marinas, Resorts, Yacht Clubs, and Mixed Used Complexes

DSN&A combines the planning, design, and environmental analysis disciplines into an integrated, site specific, results oriented approach, resulting in projects that are functional, environmentally compatible, cost effective and approvable, drawing upon DSN&A's international and national perspectives. DSN&A has undertaken assignments throughout the US and in numerous nations around the world. Each site has its specific and unique attributes to be enhanced and challenges to be overcome.

Comprehensive Water and Land Use Site Plans

  • Integrated Land and Water Functionality

  • Marina Layouts

  • Float Configurations

  • Minimize Use Conflicts

  • Dredging Projects

Project Management

  • Design Coordination

  • Consultant Coordination

  • Contractor Coordination

  • Timeline Scheduling

  • Results Oriented Performance


  • Mega Yachts                     

  • Sailboats and Powerboats

  • Dry Stack Storage             

  • Personal Watercraft

  • Service and Repair

  • Rejuvenated Harbors


  • Dock and Gangway Designs

  • Mobile Hoists

  • Launching Ramps

  • Cranes and Davits

  • Pumpout Facilities

Shoreline Interface

  • Bulkheads

  • Seawalls

  • Riprap

  • Vegetated Buffers

Wave Attenuation

  • Wave Climates, Design Waves

  • Wave Attenuators

  • Breakwaters

  • Wave Screens

  • Floating Wave Attenuators


  • Market Analysis - Economic, Social, and Location Evaluations

  • Perform Budgets and Analysis

  • Coastal Zone Management Program

  • Harbor Management Plans

  • Waterfront Revitalization Programs

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We follow our projects from development through completion including the following:

Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)

  • Compliance Analysis

  • Retrofitting Existing Facilities

  • Barrier Free/Handicap Access


  • Application Preparation and Filing

    • Federal

    • State

    • Local

  • Application Processing

  • Public Hearings

  • Environmental Impact Statements

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