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Shoreline development presents unique opportunities and challenges. Few companies are as uniquely qualified to meet the challenges and demands as DSN&A. 

The edge where water meets land is a highly competitive area from ecological, physical and human perspectives. Only an organization which specializes in this area will be able to sort through and make sense of the conflicting desired land/water uses, myriad of government regulations, geophysical constraints and existing or potential environmental resources.

DSN&A is a such a company having successfully been a part of the creation of Master Plans for waterfront developments, redesigns of existing shoreline features, helped write and advise several communities Coastal Area Plans and Harbor Management Plans. 

As a company, DSN&A's capabilities are far-reaching, with the ability to help throughout the entire process of bringing an idea to fruition while maintaining the personal attention each project deserves. 

DSN&A's broad expertise ranges from work in creating industrial port facilities to world-class full service thousand slip marinas and individual private residential landscaping, stormwater, and docking facilities.

DSN&A  has provided expert witness testimony and is recognized as a leader in such waterfront issues as dredged material management, barrier-free access and littoral/riparian rights. 

This background allows DSN&A to be able to properly assess, plan, design, and obtain the numerous government approvals required for the most efficient, cost-effective and environmentally sound waterfront developments.

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